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Aava is a brand new nordic fishing brand from Finland. The foundation of Aava lies in solid experience, sheer passion, and the highest decimal skill. Behind this project from day one has been a group of highly acknowledged and influential Scandinavian fishermen.

Aava’s story is based on the successful history of Vision Group in the development of fishing equipment. Our company’s 40-year journey began with the import of fishing equipment in the 1980s. The lessons learned from it led to the birth of the global fly fishing brand Vision Fly Fishing in 1997. Vision is a testament to the courage and belief in the success of a Scandinavian brand worldwide. The birth of Aava is like a return to our roots for our company. We believe that fishing-crazy Scandinavian countries deserve a new Nordic star that rises from the unique waters of the North.

Rod Collection Without Compromises

In Aava collection, there are no compromises. All Aava rods are designed to embody our vision of a rod series where maximum performance takes precedence. Our collection covers the most important Scandinavian fish species: pike, perch, zander, and sea trout. Each rod is the result of several years of development and testing, where we have genuinely challenged every component and prevailing idea of existing top-tier rods.

People Behind Aava